Training and Development programs

We believe that the level of an organization depends on raising the professional level and personal growth of their individual members. Create educational programs for various target groups in order to fully fulfill the expected state of knowledge and skills and move participants closer to other forms of growth, such as Development Centre, coaching, talent management, etc.

Training programs are lectured by experienced trainers who commonly use an interactive teaching style, enriched with elements of coaching, group feedback, interactive video training, practical education, and personal diagnosis.

Developing managerial skills
  • Minimum Managerial skills for first line managers and foremen
  • Basic knowledge and skills for site foreman and production team leader
  • Introduction to lean manufacturing for the leaders of manufacturing teams
  • Staff evaluation and management of performance reviews
  • Leading of difficult conversations with clients, staff (at dismissal, during conflicts, when negative feedback is given, etc.)
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Providing incentives and feedback effects
  • Coaching as a management style of leadership

Development of soft skills
  • Development of soft skills - module program developing personal, social and methodological abilities
  • Development of communication skills and information management in an organizational context
  • Internal communication
  • Effective communication and assertiveness with video training
  • Preparation and leading workshops, and meetings
  • Presentation skills with video training
  • Effective conflict management
  • Arduous types of people in communication and how to deal with them
  • Building effective relationships with internal and external partners (stakeholders)

Development of personality
  • Development of manager personality
  • Self-awareness - part of effective management
  • Competency Manager Model - a workshop

Team development and teamwork
  • Team Building and developing
  • From personal development to the team development
  • Teamwork and development of team skills
  • Evaluation of team performance and its balancing for higher productivity
  • The system of Belbin e-interplace team roles - team workshop with team roles analyzed

Miscellaneous topics
  • Time management
  • Effective Stress Management - Stress Management
  • How to prevent burnout
  • Leadership in recruitment interview
  • Mobbing – non-existent phenomenon or hidden reality in the workplace
  • Training trainers - training skills

E-learning courses
  • Managerial minimum for first line managers and foremen
  • Development of manager personality
  • Building and developing working teams