Belbin e-interplace

"Just a simple gathering of a number of people with the expectation that they will work as a team, that is not enough." 

Belbin e-interplace - Team Roles Advisory System:

  • is a scientifically proven system for improving team performance (based on the work of Dr. Meredith Belbin from the University of Cambridge) 
  • is able to objectively evaluate the potential of the team member 
  • predicts the strengths and weaknesses of the team 
  • provides consistent information to team members and assists them in their personal
  • e-interplace is a system used to formulate the requirements for a job and predicts an
    individual's success in this position 
  • the systems advantages are clarity and non-time consuming, a demonstrable increase
    of team performance and ease of use in the strategic development of the organization

We are a certified distributor of the Belbin e-interplace system:

Akreditace Belbin
What you will get!
  • reliably determine the role of individuals in the team by comparing the self-assessment and evaluations of other team members
  • advice on how to maintain balance in the team
  • proposal for the sharing of responsibilities
  • personal development of individual team members - the system provides
    individualized advice
  • improve team communication and understand the behavior of others
  • Management Training – strengthen managers knowledge of human behavior in the
  • determination of the appropriate team roles for each job position - helping you decide
    which is the appropriate classification for workers
  • 7 individual reports for each team member and 5 reports about the whole team, these
    reports will help you balance your team effectively, increase productivity, and
    improve work attitude in the team

Method - expert system e-interplace

  • integrates data about people and jobs,
  • data is collected using standardized methods including:

    • self-reports
    • opinions of independent observers
    • determination of the assets needed to perform the job functions

  • data from these three areas are inserted into the computer
  • result is a computerized system used as a guide, developed by Dr. Belbin and his collaborators

Outputs - reports for individuals

Sample Jo Pink SPI & Obs_Stránka_05.jpg  Sample Jo Pink SPI & Obs_Stránka_06.jpg  Sample Jo Pink SPI & Obs_Stránka_10.jpg

Sample Jo Pink SPI & Obs_Stránka_12.jpg

Outputs - reports for job position

Sample Job Comparison_Stránka_3.jpg  Working relationship reports_Stránka_05.jpg
Outputs - reports for the team

Team report_Stránka_05.jpg  Team report_Stránka_06.jpg  Team report_Stránka_09.jpg